Whistleblower Protection

Whistleblower protection is an issue near and dear to me. I suffered employment retaliation for disclosing waste, fraud, and abuse that I observed while working for the White River National Forest and I am still in Federal court seeking vindication pursuant to the Federal whistleblower protection laws.

But at least I have an avenue to fight back. County employees have no civil service protections and serve the county at the pleasure of the Board of County Commissioners. This means county employees who want to keep their jobs must keep silent even as they observe actions that are illegal, unsafe, and a waste of taxpayer money. Standing up to John Martin results in termination and this has to stop.

No person should be subjected to the fear of employment retaliation for doing the right thing and blowing the whistle when they see something happening that is not right. That is why when I’m a Garfield County Commissioner I will introduce a whistleblower protection ordinance that gives county employees a way to blow the whistle and ensure their job is protected. Garfield County employees deserve that protection and such protection protects the people of Garfield County from corrupt and unaccountable government. You can read the text of my proposed resolution here and the press release issued with the resolution here.

The only reason grand frauds succeed is because good people are afraid to stand up and say something. Whistleblower protection is a common sense bipartisan policy and there should be absolutely no reason for our Garfield County employees to fear employment retaliation for disclosing waste, fraud, and abuse.