John Martin’s Record of Mismanagement

John Martin has been a Garfield County Commissioner for 20 years, and in those two decades he has developed a controversial record that many in the community have serious questions about.

My campaign and the Garfield County Democratic Party have listened to your concerns and have launched an investigation to answer your questions about how John Martin runs Garfield County.

In furtherance of this investigation, we have paid $2,400 to obtain a large quantity and variety of county records under the Colorado Open Records Act, and what our team has found is quite disturbing. We’ve only scratched the surface so far and we will keep you informed as the investigation continues, however, please consider the following.

John Martin Embezzled County Funds

John Martin Lies To the Media and the People

John Martin is Creating a Toxic Culture of Fear for County Employees

John Martin is Empire Building at Taxpayer Expense And Overpaying While At It