John Martin Abuses the County Purchasing Card To Get Free Lunches From Taxpayers

John Martin claims entitlement to “flexibility” when it comes to using the county purchasing card and under such justification routinely uses his county purchasing card to buy himself and others meals with no county business justification.

The Acha 2016 campaign and the Garfield County Democratic Party have gone through the commissioners’ meal purchase receipts from 2015 and 2016 and found that John Martin and the other commissioners do the following:

  1. He and the other commissioners routinely purchase themselves lunches on the county purchasing card without business justification. There is a regularly scheduled Board meeting every Monday and nearly every Monday John Martin enjoys a free lunch on the county dime with at least one other commissioner. The only way such meal purchases are county business expenses is if they are discussing county business at lunch. However, if they are discussing business at lunch then it is a meeting under the Sunshine Law and requires notice and recordkeeping. So they are either charging personal meals to the purchasing card or violating the Sunshine Act and under either theory their behavior is a knowing violation of law or policy.
  2. He and the other commissioners routinely purchase themselves and third-parties meals without justifying the business purpose or identifying all attendees as required by policy. For example, on August 24, 2015, Tom Jankovsky’s card was used to pay $144.25 for lunch for thirteen people at the Miner’s Claim restaurant in Silt and none of the attendees are identified. This happened at the same restaurant again on October 28, 2015, this time with eight people and at a price of $143.09. Sometimes they would be smart enough to list a word like “landfill” on the receipt as was done when John Martin took three unidentified people out for lunch at Juicy Lucy’s at a cost of $46.97 on January, 27, 2015, but falling to identify all attendees still violates purchasing card policy because the county cannot audit who the taxpayers actually purchased lunch for. The commissioners’ purchasing card abuse is not reserved for when travelling but happens on a regular basis.
  3. He and the other commissioners buy meals for officials that should be buying their own meals. The receipts show an ingrained routine to go visit Bonnie Petersen, the director the Garfield County funded Associated Governments of Northwest Colorado, and buy her lunch. On May 12, 2015, the county also decided to treat her husband to lunch on the county purchasing card at The Ale House in Grand Junction to the tune of $82.00. Garfield County gives AGNC thousands and thousands in dues each year and still has to pay for lunch?

John Martin is lying when says he has never knowingly violated the purchasing card policy based on the evidence that shows wide spread non-compliance with the purchasing card policy by all of the commissioners. He and the other commissioners view unconstrained use of the county purchasing card as additional compensation they are entitled to because they are elected officials. It is time for the people show these elected officials that they are public servants and subject to the laws and policies that govern every other hardworking public servant who works for the county. It is time to elect John Acha.

See the receipts from 2015 here, here, and here. See the 2016 receipts here.