Q: What does a County Commissioner do?

A: A County Commissioner is your elected representative at the county level of government. They have many powers ranging from controlling the yearly budget to making land use decisions.

Q: How many Commissioners are there?

A: In Garfield County we have three County Commissioners. Two are elected each Presidential election year and one is elected in the mid-term election year.

Q: Where are the Commissioners from?

A: By law, the three Commissioners must live in different parts of the county. One must come from District One, which is roughly Parachute and Rifle. Another must be from District Two, which is roughly Silt and New Castle. And the third Commissioner must hail from District Three, roughly Glenwood Springs and Carbondale.

Q: Who can vote for the Commissioners?

A: Any voter registered in Garfield County can vote in every County Commissioner race.

Q: Which District is John Acha running in?

A: John is running in District Two, a position currently held by Republican John Martin.