Creating a Toxic Culture of Fear

One of the most disturbing things I’ve heard from you about John Martin’s reign is his tendency toward dictatorship and the resulting toxic culture of fear that pervades in the county offices.While many are willing to share their stories, both current and former employees, they all do so on condition of anonymity because they fear retaliation. The toxic tentacles of retribution are a constant fear and no organization can run efficiently when its leadership demands slavish obedience.

That’s why I’ve published a proposed whistleblower protection resolution here and you can read the accompanying press release that explains the resolution here. Such protection is absolutely necessary to combat this toxic culture of fear created by a Commissioner that, without any hint of irony, calls on his county employee “sheep” to “blindly trust your leader.” You can read the newsletter where he says that right here.

With such tone deaf leadership, county employees have abundant justification to be afraid and I will put an end to this toxic culture of fear.