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I’m John Acha and I’m running to serve on the Garfield County Commission. For too long our County Commission has focused on facilitating oil and gas development in Western Garfield County instead of helping our County develop a broad economic base that is not tied to extracting resources whose price fluctuates wildly and whose use is in the midst of a global phaseout.

I will always listen to my constituents and take heed of their concerns, and what I hear troubles me.

I hear from young people who want to start families and own homes but will never qualify for a loan large enough to buy a house.

I hear from people who have to juggle three jobs and still find themselves unable to provide for their families.

I hear from people who barely see their children because they spend three hours commuting each day.

I hear from Garfield County employees scared to report the waste, fraud, and abuse that they observe because they know they’ll lose their jobs if they speak up.

These are real problems faced by real people. When I’m on the County Commission their priorities are my priorities and I will never sacrifice their needs to serve the outsider special interests.